What is it?

Teen Start-Up is an event run over the course of a single weekend where students form teams, work together to come up with an idea for a business and then pitch their concept to a panel of judges.

The purpose of a Teen Start-Up camp is to encourage entrepreneurial thinking and is open to anyone over the age of 12 years who is interested in innovation, creativity and problem solving.

At Teen Start-Up you will network with like-minded people and experience what it is like to develop an idea into a concept.

Students will work together in their teams to come up with an idea for a product or service that they believe provides a solution to global issues or challenges their generation will face in the future.

To aid the entrepreneurial and innovative thinking process, students will participate in workshops and presentations from industry professionals and entrepreneurs.

At the end of the Teen Start-Up weekend, teams will present their ideas and be critiqued by a high-profile panel of judges consisting of web technology investors, experts in commercialisation, successful entrepreneurs, and industry specialists. The top three teams as determined by the judging panel will be awarded with prizes.

Teen Start-Up is an opportunity to get young people excited about innovation, creativity and problem solving while also encouraging entrepreneurial thinking.


Past participants of Start-Up Camp felt that it was:

“Brilliant! Great networking, lectures / seminars, food and it’s affordable!”

“This one night, two-day crash-course in entrepreneurship gave me an amazing insight into the world of development: the importance of knowing your customer, and how much we need a network of people to compliment our own skills and interests. I strongly recommend attending events like this one if you have ideas and want to bring them to life!”

What happens?

On the weekend of September 5th, Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre, is preparing to host the Sixth Start-Up Camp Canberra, this time with a focus on teens.

The core elements of Teen Start-Up are:

  • Form teams
  • Understand challenges based on the 3 themes
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Develop business and marketing strategies
  • Pitch a business concept

Technology Showcase

To aid in the entrepreneurial process, the teams’ enthusiasm will be matched equally with workshops, presentations and technology demonstrations during the weekend as well as inspiring stories, tips and suggestions from young Canberra entrepreneurs and innovators.


During the weekend our mentors and special guests including local start-up company entrepreneurs, technical experts and business development and marketing specialists will also give feedback on your ideas and progress. At the end of the weekend, teams will present their business idea to the other teams, family members as well as a panel of experienced judges.

Start-Up Camp Canberra consistently attracts ambitious, motivated and innovative individuals increasing the rate of engagement year by year. There will also be food, internet connectivity, everything you need to get your business ideas flowing!